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Here you will find everything you need to know about choosing and owning a stair lift. A new stairlift costs less than you think – fully fitted from £1350 including a 12 month warranty. A new stairlift will give you the following benefits:

To help you we offer a range of FREE guides. They dispel some of the myths around buying and owning a stairlift:

Dr. Hilary’s Free Guide to Health & Mobility

Dr. Hillary's Free Guide to Health & Mobility

  • Do you Struggle with Health issues?
  • Is it affecting your mobility?
  • Act now to regain you independence
  • How a stairlift can help?
  • Everything you need to know
  • UK’s best known TV Doctor

“Stairlifts are Expensive”

The purchase of a stairlift need not break the bank; in fact it could cost far less than you first thought. A new stairlift costs less than you think – fully fitted from £1350 including a 12 month warranty. Advances in technology and more efficient production methods have brought stairlift costs down, making them a viable option on almost any budget.

“If I Bought a Stairlift It Would Feel Like Giving Up My Independence”

Without a stairlift, many people with limited mobility end up living and sleeping downstairs, or end up moving to a bungalow or ground floor flat because the stairs have become too much of a struggle. When compared to these options, a stairlift is a practical and economical solution, which can help you to stay in your own home.

“I Think It Will Get in the Way”

Stairlifts can be folded away when not in use and leave plenty of room to walk up and down the stairs. The rails fit to the stairs and are designed to be modern looking and unobtrusive.

“I’m Not Very Good with Mechanical Things”

Stairlifts have been designed to be two things: extremely reliable and extremely easy to use. A simple toggle moves the lift up and down.

Video Testimonial

Here is Mrs Bickers story. She explains what it’s like to have a stairlift installed. She shares her experiences of
what a difference the stairlift has made to her life and the benefits she has had from it.