Types of stairlifts

Who Manufactures Stairlifts? And What Are The Types?

Chairlifts, also known as stairlifts, are a reliable, safe and easy to use mobility solution for people who have trouble when tackling the stairs. There is a wide range of chairlifts, including those made for straight and curved indoor staircases and those made for outdoor staircases.

Specialist Types for Narrow Stairs

There are even chairlifts specially designed and manufactured for those of us who have difficulties bending our knees. These chairlifts are called perch chairlifts (stairlifts).

These allow people to stand or perch on the chair lift instead of having to sit down, which can reduce any pain that sitting may cause them. Chair lifts also come with a range of features, both standard and optional.

Features to Look For

Important safety features:-

Seat Belt
Ensures the user is secure when using the chairlift.

Electronic and Mechanical Braking Systems
Make sure the chair lift cannot perform an uncontrolled descent

Pressure Sensitive Safety Surfaces
ensure the chair lift comes to a stop if there is an obstruction on the stairs.

Other features of chair lifts include:

    • A swivel seat
    • lockable isolation switch
    • paddle control
    • Twin infra-red remote controls

These all help in making the chairlift ride safe and comfortable.

All in all, chairlifts are useful, practical and reliable pieces of equipment which allow people who have difficulties with stairs to go up and down them safely and comfortably.

Popular Stairlift Manufacturers

Acorn StairliftsAcorn

Acorn has already helped thousands of people to reclaim full access to their home and remain independent. Should you be thinking about fitting a stairlift then rest assured Acorn Stairlifts are built with the user in mind, taking into account your personal needs and the layout of your home.

Acorn will install products which are easy to use, slim line and work with whisper-quiet operation.

Acorn is an international company based in Yorkshire and have their own Installation and Service Engineers though out the UK and Worldwide.

Acorn is possibly the World’s Favourite Stairlift, or even the World’s Best Selling Stairlift.

Brooks StairliftsBrooks Stairlifts

Around 1972, Mr Frederick Brooks designed his first stair lift for his wife Grace, when she started to find stairs just too difficult because of her rheumatoid arthritis. Brooks Stairlifts are built to last, with low maintenance and high reliability. They run on maintenance free DC power packs, which are automatically recharged at the end of every trip.

So even if there is a power cut the Brooks Stairlift continues to work, gliding you smoothly to your destination. This also results in the Brooks Stair Lift being is whisper quiet and incredibly smooth.

Brooks are a traditional family firm of stairlift manufacturers and one of the oldest and established.

Bison Bede Stair LiftsBison Bede Stair Lifts

Bison is one of the UK”s leading stairlift suppliers. In selecting a Bison stairlift you have chosen to deal with a company that has over 20 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing stairlifts.

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