Do you often experience swelling of the legs? You should start getting worried. I am sure you are wondering why I have been playing the role of a doctor so much lately, I don’t like it either but I love the roles that come with it; the part that you have to tell people what to do so that they can stay healthy and giving them advice.

The part that people find difficult and hate the most about being doctors is studying medicine. It just makes lots sick by the thought of it. I find it too frightening to deal with dead bodies-most of them are scared of the dead and might even end up having night mares for the rest their my life by the thought of it! Perhaps if you had gone to medical school you might have known what edema is.

What is edema?

EDEMA is used to describe the swelling of the legs due to excessive fluids in the tissues-the swelling occurs because of an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the tissues of the lower proximity. Have you ever had the thought of walking around with swollen legs? You will look like a tree walking around and definitely you will attract attention, you will have to leave behind your fancy favorite shoes and settle for comfortable flat shoes. I would hate to make such a sacrifice, I know you won’t want to wear your favorite dinner dress with those sandals you wear to the corner shop every morning when you realize you don’t have  enough bread for breakfast. You might get attacked by a fashion police.

The doctors, parents at home and even your fat out-of-shape English teacher at school will advise you on the importance of exercise, hilarious right? Most will tell you they work out on the gym every morning while the body size is contrary to the expectation. They say exercise is important but I bet most of you hate working out.

I find it too tiring and I always end up with painful joints but I still have to do it to keep fit. I hope you are one of my kind but if you are not I will still find a heart to like you. I believe I am fit enough to go attend to my daily routines without compromising my health. This is perhaps owed to the fact that I was a frequent member in the school hide outs when I was young. I could do anything but to miss out on compulsory school physical exercise.

Cushion for the legs?

Are you wondering what it is? I got the answer with me, it is a pillow designed for the use in bed for people who experience swelling of the legs and pregnancy. The cushion aids in blood circulation by reducing the pressure on blood flow to your legs thus resulting in the reduction of the pressure in the heart. It also helps to provide an even distribution of the weight and alleviate the lower back strain; this is comfortable enough to let you wake up having an awesome feeling in the morning, aren’t those too much benefits? I haven’t exhausted them yet, the cushion will also help relieve discomfort in the varicose veins and also ease and maintain the stress on the spine.

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Donna Dearjane Lee explains what Edema is in plain terms. Donna is a medical nurse practitioner for the aged care industry.