3D printing is one of the latest technologies to be adopted by the medical profession. In a recent hip replacement operation a woman was given a 3D printed titanium hip instead of a standard moulded metal hip. Having been involved in a car crash over thirty years ago, the woman had undergone six previous operations […]

Recent studies have shown that people who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis are more likely to develop kidney problems. In the UK today there is a one in five chance of kidney disease in the general population, whereas for those who have been suffering with rheumatoid arthritis for several years the risk increases to one […]

Fried food leads to more weight gain in people who are genetically prone to obesity, according to a study. Researchers from Harvard University have found that eating fried foods four times a week or more has twice as big an effect on weight for those with high genetic obesity scores, compared to those with the […]

The debut novel of the former male nurse Nathan Filer ‘The Shock of the Fall‘ was named the British Book of the Year, it is about the attempt of a teenager in dealing with the death of an older brother and his slow descent into madness. It is partly inspired by the authors own experience […]

Helping You Approach The Topic Of Care With Your Elderly Parent One of the biggest challenges often faced when discussing care with an elderly person is strong resistance. Resistance can be exhibited in many forms, such as denial, grief and even actual violence. It is unsurprisingly that so many elderly people are resistant to care, […]

Deciding how best to care for elderly relatives as they lose the ability to do this for themselves comprehensively can be a very troublesome and difficult contemplation. You will always be looking to do the best for your loved one, but it can sometimes be hard to tell what this is, whilst also factoring in […]