If you know or suspect that your elderly family member or friend has a problem with the nursing home she is living in, you must spend some extra time encouraging and listening to her about the problem. To be able to identify the root cause of her problem, it will help if you are […]

If you’ve been researching the possibilities of installing a stairlift in your home, you may have been struck by the fact that some companies insist on performing a survey before they embark on providing a quotation. Other companies by contrast, seem perfectly happy to proceed without the hassle of a home visit and may look […]

As we get older, many of us are confronted with greater difficulty getting around our own homes. The most problematic and risky area to address is the staircase. Not only is it physically tougher than walking around downstairs, but it also elevates the dangers of a fall from the serious prospect of breaking a bone, […]

Who Manufactures Stairlifts? And What Are The Types? Chairlifts, also known as stairlifts, are a reliable, safe and easy to use mobility solution for people who have trouble when tackling the stairs. There is a wide range of chairlifts, including those made for straight and curved indoor staircases and those made for outdoor staircases. Specialist […]